Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Noteble.com community. By registering yourself on Noteble.com, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of Noteble.com.

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the Noteble.com Website and the Noteble.com services. These Terms and Conditions should be read together with the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of Noteble.com.

1. Definitions

Throughout the Terms and Conditions Noteble.com makes use of certain defined definitions:

Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions governing the use of the Website and that explains its operation, accessible via this link.
Content: All Content, including documents, questions, answers and other information that are placed by the User on the Website and shared with other Users.
User: The individual who sets up a profile by registering on the Website and thereby can make use of the Website.
Noteble.com: Jasper Goyvaerts en Johannes Sebastian Berg, with the operation address Mechelbaan 337, 2580 Putte.
Website: The Noteble.com website, including all content and functionality of the Noteble.com Website, where the user can make use of after accepting the Terms and Conditions.
Website Material: All material posted by Noteble.com himself on the Website, as well as the layout, features, text and logos of Noteble.com.

2. Date of commencement – amendment of the Terms and Conditions

2.1 These Terms and Conditions takes effect from 26 may 2014.
2.2 Noteble.com can modify this Terms and Conditions from time to time. The User is informed at least 7 days in advance of the changes via the email address of his profile he has given. If the User does not agree to the new Terms and Conditions, the user can send an email to Noteble.com via the email address info@noteble.com with information of the complaint and his user name. Noteble.com will then stop the profile of the User and permanently delete all personal data.

3. The profile of a User – Registration and termination

3.1 Registering and using a profile on the Website is free for every User.
3.2 The registration of a profile on the Website requires the disclosure of certain personal information. The processing of these data by Noteble.com is governed by the Privacy Policy.
3.3 Users who are minors, require a guardian or parent consent. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User declares that he is of age or that he obtained his guardian or parent consent.
3.4 The profile of the User (and the associated user data) is strictly personal. The user may under no circumstances transfer his profile or user data to third parties. If the User suspects that his profile was taken over by third parties, the User should inform Noteble.com immediately via info@noteble.com so that Noteble.com can take action.
3.5 If the User does not comply with these Terms and Conditions, Noteble.com has the ability to suspend the profile of the User or remove the User from the Website without notice. The Content that is posted by the User in question will also remain on the Website, unless the user indicates that the Content should be deleted, in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.6.
3.6 The User may delete his profile at all times. When deleting a profile, all the associated personal data of the user are deleted. The Content of the User remains available for other users. The User Content may also be removed by means of an explicit request to Noteble.com via info@noteble.com. The request should contain data which identify the User. Upon receipt of the application and verification of the identity of the User, Noteble.com ensures that the content will be removed of the Website within a reasonable period.

4. Functionalities Website

4.1 By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User acknowledges that the Website is a tool for students to share their knowledge with other students and to bring students in contact with related companies.
4.2 Noteble.com aims to provide an optimal experience for the User. In order to achieve this, Noteble.com can modify the functionality of the Website, add functionality, as well as remove functionalities. Noteble.com has the right to take the Website offline or place it in maintenance mode to make these adjustments.
4.3 Noteble.com does not guarantee that the Website can be used at any time without interruptions.

5. Content of the User

5.1 The User has the ability to post Content on the Website (“upload”) and share this Content with other Users. By placing Content on the Website, the User acknowledges that other Users have the opportunity to view, discuss and share the Content. The User grants Noteble.com the right to use the content and display it in the context of the Website, as well as the right to apply modification as provided in Article 5.5 (and use this modified Content again within the context of the Website).
5.2 The User who posted Content on the Website has the right to manage (modify or delete) this Content. If other Users want to apply modification about the information or the Content itself, the User will be informed and may itself accept or reject these changes.
5.3 Noteble.com has the right to remove Content, including when the content is inappropriate (e.g. when it is obscene, contrary to good morals, is discriminatory …), an infringement of an intellectual property matter or any other legal or violation of regulatory provision.
5.4 The Content of a User may only be shared by other Users via the appropriate link (referring to Noteble.com). This does not prevent that the User of the Content itself shares or uses it in any other way.
5.5 Noteble.com has the right to place third – party ads in the Content of a User. These ads will be placed in the Content via an automated system, based on the information of the User, so that the ad can be personalized.
5.6 The User that post Content on the Website guarantees, towards Noteble.com and other Users, that the Content does not commit a violation of the intellectual property or other rights of a third party. The User also ensures that this Content is not inappropriate (e.g. when it is obscene, contrary to good morals, is discriminatory …), nor violates any law or regulatory provision.
5.7 Noteble.com operates only as a platform that enables the sharing of information. Noteble.com does not verify the Content. The User therefore accepts that Noteble.com cannot be held responsible for the Content posted, nor for any damage that may be caused by the use of the Content on the Website.
5.8 The Website Material is no Content. Noteble.com is the owner of the Website Material. The User may only use the Website Material as part of the use of the Website.

6. Reporting abuse

6.1 Any violation of these Terms and Conditions can be reported via report@noteble.com. This report should preferably have the following information so Noteble.com can investigate this further:
6.1.1 The description of the Content, including title and url where the Content can be found;
6.1.2 The reason why this content is a violation of the Terms and Conditions and/or any intellectual property or other right;
6.1.3 In the case of an infringement of an intellectual property right or other right, the declaration shall contain the principal (or the third) of the rightful holder of the relevant intellectual property rights or other reasonable evidence;
6.1.4 Contact information, so that Noteble.com can contact the declarant if Noteble.com is in need of more information.
6.2 If the message, after examination, is correct, Noteble.com have the right to remove the relevant Content and give the User a penalty. This can range from reducing the awards to remove the User from the Website.
6.3 The User has the right to file other complaints about the quality or operation of the website. This can be reported via report@noteble.com.

7. Applicable law

7.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed by Belgian law.