Bridging the student/company gap

Learning what is really useful for work life

There is a large mismatch between students and companies these days.
Companies are not happy with the quality of students and are requiring work related experience for starters.
Students on the other hand are not enough informed about the requirements for their future job.
Bridging the gap between both parties by turning communication into information!


Job related challenges


Interaction with experts


Internships and job offers

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Gaining work related experience is not an easy task, especially when combining it with a busy student life. This is why Noteble implemented challenges on our platform. Challenges can be set up by companies and let you gain work experience by solving this challenge. A challenge can be part of a full quest (multiple challenges), can be a virtual internship or can even be a playful way to explain how a certain job looks like if you would apply for one.

Work life and the work environment is an unknown place for students. Sadly enough it is not easy to connect with experts to have a clear insight in how a certain company works. We provided access to experts from different fields and companies who can, on certain time periods, help you with questions about their field, their company or their daily job tasks. This way both the expert and you can get to know each other and this can be beneficial for future job applications.

Getting the perfect internship or job is never a walk in the park. Noteble wants to help students by connecting the right job or internship with the right student. Based on provided study information, interests and requirements from both students and companies we mix and match until we find the perfect match!