About us

Tired of wasting essential time!

As students we were tired of wasting our time trying to find the right study material in an outdated wiki page. We were tired of dealing with chaos when another student deleted the full dropbox with all study documents by accident. And we were for sure tired of the endless amounts of facebook groups where, especially during the exam period, everyone is throwing questions and freaking out. So one day we decided to make a decent platform on our own, and voila, here we are!

Empowering students!

Education nowadays is still an old fashion one way street. Professors are the ones who have the power and if they can't teach well, tough luck! Noteble wants to empower students so they can learn from each other. The personalized approach makes sure students are able to connect with those who have the same interests and can help them when needed.

Better students - company matching!

"Forget everything that you studied during your student period" or "You need relevant work experience for this starters position". We see that there is a MAJOR gap between the expectations of students and companies towards each other. Students don't know what to expect from a job and companies are complaining that the students don't have the required skills and are not well informed. Noteble connects students and companies in a way that they can learn from each other, both knowledge and skill wise.

Our team is 'owl'right!

cooperative owl

Jasper Goyvaerts

Student @ KU Leuven

Business owl


technical owl

Joost Berg

Student @ KH Leuven

Technical owl