Empowering students!

Noteble prepares students for study and work life,
helps students share study material on an easy way
and brings companies and students together.
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Marc Heremans

Student @ KU Leuven

Noteble makes it so much easier to organize my study notes and share it with others!

Relevant study environment with a personal touch

Sharing documents on dropbox, asking questions via facebook, download some summaries via wiki.
All fun and games but these environments have a lot of problems and are not made for education.
A lot of irrelevant content can be found, not structured, without a lot of interaction and no or small validation of the quality.
And if you are really unlucky a co - student deletes a folder on dropbox during the exam period!
Creating an optimal study platform for interaction, sharing and working together!


Personalized and relevant


Connect with other students


Share and gain knowledge

Curious how Noteble wants to bridge the gap between students and companies?
Check out the student recruitment page to see more information!


Personalized and relevant
Only the relevant content and nothing else that is not interesting for the student, that is what he really wants. Noteble offers a personalized experience based on your field of study and your interests. Noteble also implemented gamification elements like badges and different types of owls so that every student is different in his own way. Start as a baby owl, graduate as a professor!

Connect with other students
Start exchanging content with student that have the same interests or are in the same study field. Connect with students that mather to you.


Share and gain knowledge
Test and exchange your knowledge with other students. Noteble makes it possible for students to join a certain courses and share relevant content of this course. Rate other content, start a discussion with students or solve questions, everything is good to grow your knowledge!